Sunday, November 21, 2010

Digital Vines

I find this is strangely beautiful.

the idea was digital sound vines. needed to be dense in the center and thin out on edges. I also played with more Circular shapes and windy pattern in center and then straighter lines and more tech 45 degree variants on edges.

How I made it::

So it all started from inspiration from this photo.
It reminded me of a circuit board but was more organic which is what i wanted.

After analysing the pattern for little bit I found it could be broken down into lines of 45 degrees and 1/8 circles. I then made a custom brush set in photoshop and made the pattern at the top.

Thank god i know my photoshop shortcuts or doing this would have been tedious. Selecting the next/previous brush with "." and ",". you can cycle through them and stamp the lines together, creating the patterns.

it's faster than it looks, but still takes time to make it look right.

1 comment:

  1. I think its a really cool design. Its a nice mix of the organic and technical feeling. I think something like that would really come in handy for making some kind of texture on an environment.